3 comments on “Demo Reels and Artistic Videos on Environment Art

  1. You say that demo reels have become a “stone age part of the hiring process…”, could you elaborate? I was under the impression that demo reels are very important.

  2. Hi Joey,

    Well it depends if you are doing animated works like character/prop animation or particles of some sort. I have seen many places not require or even ask for them in the game industry for environment artists. I think reels are still valid and important. Having a reel that shows an environment in motion is better than just screenshots in a portfolio, I feel that screenshots can hide many short comings from a potential environment artist such as last min photoshop treatments. So for me I prefer artists that have reels with environments in motion. The current trend when it comes to potential hires mostly lack demo reels, and in most cases the studios and even leads have implied that reels are not really needed. Which again I think it is a bad practice when it comes to the hiring process.

    I would say it is a stronger tool to use for newer artists that have not shipped a game to have a demo reel than a veteran for example that has shipped several games. The games become the reel.

    You actually hit on a subject I have been thinking about on and off about game artists expectations, portfolios, and building a package to sell your work better to the industry.

    Hope this answered your question 🙂

    • Thanks for the quick reply Rogelio. I know your blog is fairly new, but I can see it becoming a great resource for people such as myself. I was working as a 3D Generalist for a small animation studio but now I’m trying to get into the gaming industry. Unfortunately, I feel like I have some experience but nothing to showcase it. So I’m taking some time to try and focus towards being an environmental artist.

      Some of my concerns are “how good do I need to be?” and “what am I expected to already know and what are they expecting to teach me when I first start?”

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