Welcome to Environment Art blog, 

Here we will add free tutorial content and workflows specifically for Environment Art. 

The reason for opening up this blog is to have a place where we can add tutorials, workflows, and general environment art related information for the community.

Our biggest intention is to give some back to the community!

Below is the team of talented artist that will add content to this blog.

Rogelio Olguin – Admin Founder of Blog

I have worked for 14 years or so in the game / entertainment industry at places like, Epic Games, Framestore NY, Crystal Dynamics, and NaughtyDog.  Currently I am a  Texture/Shader Artist at NaughtyDog and have had the pleasure to be part of “The Last of US” now working on “Uncharted 4” and it is a blast working here!

I frequent Polycount and Facebook art pages. When it comes to adding me on facebook I would prefer the art page instead of my main personal page.




Facebook Art Page


 Richard Piper – Author

I have worked in the Games Industry for 7 years, firstly beginning my professional career at TT Games /TT Fusion as a 3D Environment Artist working on such titles as Lego Star Wars Clone WArs and Lego City Undercover.  I then took 2 years out to freelance whilst honing my skills and now I work for Naughty Dog Inc

I am a texture / shader artist in my current position completing work for Uncharted 4, mainly concentrating on the Multiplayer maps and assistance with single player levels.
Naughty Dog rocks!!!!

I have various online tutorials and information from my many artistic endeavors.




 Joshua Lynch – Author

I am an Environment Artist who has been in the industry for over 7 years and contributed to 4 AAA titles and multiple mobile titles. Currently I am working at Infinity Ward and have worked at Raven Software, Molten Games, Trion Worlds, and 2XL Games.

I am an active member of Polycount (josh_lynch), Twitter (bigred3d), and Facebook. Feel free to add me on there.





 Rogelio Delgado – Author

I achieved my Bachelors in Game Art from Full Sail University in February of 2012. I went on to teach for “Internal Drive Tech Camps” as a Lead Instructor shortly after graduation. Since then I have worked for WB Games Turbine, Funcom Inc, as well as Bungie Inc. I am currently in my 3rd year in the industry currently reside in Kirkland, Washington as a World Artist for Monolith Productions. I am extremely hard working and passionate about my craft. In my spare time you can catch me working on side projects or generally learning more about what I do.

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